Our studio was founded in 1987 under the name Design Core to apply the most advanced high-end 3D computer graphics imaging (CGI) methods to product design and 3D visualization. After 15 years, our work had broadened significantly, with our designers and digital artists expressing their talents not only through award winning product designs, but in the areas of illustration and animation for advertising, digital media and publications.

In 2002 we created a division whose sole focus was on 3D digital visuals under the name WowHouse to better reflect the exciting character of this division's work in digital media, illustration and animation. WowHouse's work ranges from the surreal to the concrete, from atmospheric to detailed photorealism. Our product design background uniquely equips us to articulate technical, medical or scientific subjects, while our consistently cutting edge digital tools allow us to dramatize and make compelling any subject imaginable, no matter how sophisticatedly and stylishly realistic or far out.